The Burlington Magazine - n° 1372 vol CLIX - July 2017


Furniture history : the digital future


Maria Teresa Sambin de Norcen, New drawings by Sebastiano Serlio in Bologna

Koenraad Brosens,Astrid Slegten, Creativity and disruption in Brussels tapestry, 1698–1706 : New data on Jan van Orley and Judocus de Vos

Francesco Morena, The Emperor of Mexico’s screen : Maximilian I’s ‘biombo’ in Trieste

Dirk Weber and Tibor Tarnai, Turned geometry : two masterpieces by Georg Friedel

Adrian Lewis, A newly conserved music stand by Roger Hilton


Paul Williamson, Avori medievali : Collezioni del Museo Civico d’Arte Antica di Torino. Edited by Simonetta Castronovo, Fabrizio Crivello and Michele Tomasi ; Una Bibbia in avorio : Arte mediterranea nella Salerno dell’XI secolo. By Valentino Pace

Iain Buchanan, Bosch and Bruegel : From Enemy Painting to Everyday Life. By Joseph Leo Koerner

David Carrier, Renaissance Art in Venice : From Tradition to Individualism. By Tom Nichols

J. V. G. Mallet, Maiolica : Italian Renaissance Ceramics in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. By Timothy Wilson

Simonetta Prosperi Valenti Rodinò, Dibujos y ornamento. Trazas y Dibujos de Artes decorativas entre Portugal, España, Italia, Malta y Grecia : Estudio en honor de Fuensanta García de la Torre. Edited by Sabina de Cavi

Pierre Terjanian, Arms and Armour in the Collection of Her Majesty The Queen. European Armour. By A.V.B Norman and Ian Eaves

Will Atkin, Man Ray : Writings on Art. Edited by Jennifer Mundy

David Raskin, Since ’45 : America and the Making of Contemporary Art. By Katy Siegel

Robin Hildyard, British Ceramics 1675–1825 : The Mint Museum. By Brian Gallagher, Barbara Stone Perry, Letitia Roberts, Diana Edwards, Pat Halfpenny, Maurice Hillis and Margaret Ferris Zimmerman

Gauvin Alexander Bailey, China and the Church : Chinoiseries in Global Context. By Christopher M.S. Johns ; The Shining Inheritance : Italian Painters at the Qing Court, 1699–1812. By Marco Musillo

Philippa Glanville, Silver for Entertaining : The Ickworth Collection. By James Rothwell

Marc Simpson, John Singer Sargent : Figures and Landscapes, 1914–1925 : The Complete Paintings, Volume IX. By Richard Ormond and Elaine Kilmurray


Timothy Wilcox, British watercolour landscapes. London

Marco Livingstone, Howard Hodgkin. London

Chris Michaelides, Giacomo Balla. London

Humphrey Wine , Eighteenth-century paintings in Parisian churches. Paris

Patrick Bade, Three centuries of German drawings. Hamburg and Paris

Giovanni Casini, Paul Rosenberg. Liège and Paris

Jamie Mulherron, St Mary Magdalene. Bourg-en-Bresse, Carcassonne and Douai

Elsje van Kessel, Portuguese painting and sculpture. Lisbon

Edward J. Sullivan, Lygia Pape. New York

Philippe Bordes, Charles Percier. New York and Fontainebleau

Dan Byers, Whitney Biennial. New York

Alan Wallach, American art and the First World War. Philadelphia, New York and Nashville

Tyler Jo Smith, The Berlin Painter. Princeton and Toledo

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